Published: 2021-02-24

Isolated fallopian tube torsion

Bandamma N. S., Prema Prabhudev, S. Pooja


Fallopian tube torsion is a rare cause of acute abdomen, occurring commonly in females of reproductive age. It lacks pathognomonic symptoms, signs, or imaging features, thus causing delay in surgical intervention. Current study report one case of isolated fallopian tube torsion in adolescent girl. In this case a 13 year old patient presented with acute pain in the right iliac region associated with 3 episodes of vomiting for one day and severe tenderness on examination. Laparoscopy revealed right sided twisted fallopian tube associated with gangrenous fimbrial end. The tube was untwisted and salpingectomy done. Salpingectomy was done as the tube was gangrenous. Fallopian tube torsion, though rare, should be considered in women of reproductive age with unilateral pelvic pain. Early diagnostic laparoscopy is important for an accurate diagnosis and could prevent the rupture of the gangrenous tube.



Torsion, Fallopian tube, Salpingectomy, Laparoscopy, Pelvic pain

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