Published: 2021-02-24

Experience of managing first fifty COVID-19 positive peripartum women in a tertiary care centre in North India

Vijay Zutshi, Neha Mohit Bhagwati, Alka .


Background: SARS-CoV-2 has caused significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. Analysis of the clinical profile of COVID-19 positive pregnant women is important to understand the pathophysiology, transmission and outcome of the disease in Indian population.

Methods: It is a retrospective observational study of first fifty pregnant patients tested positive for COVID-19 by qRT PCR admitted for delivery in our hospital.

Results: In this audit, first fifty COVID-19 pregnant women were studied and the mean age of the patients in this study was 26 years. 98% of these women were admitted for obstetric indications. Seventy two percent of these women were admitted with spontaneous onset of labour. Based on disease severity, 49 (98%) were either asymptomatic or exhibited mild disease and only 1 (2%) had severe disease who succumbed to her illness. Forty six percent patients delivered vaginally and 54% required cesarean delivery. The most common indication for LSCS was fetal distress (43%). Eighteen percent had preterm delivery. Among the newborn babies, one died due to severe birth asphyxia. Sixteen percent babies required NICU stay. Five babies tested positive for COVID-19 of which one baby was positive on day one of life.

Conclusions: As per our results, majority of the COVID-19 positive pregnant women had mild disease. There has been increase in cesarean section rate as compared to the previous hospital figures. Only one baby tested positive within 24 hours of delivery so the possibility vertical transmission can not be commented upon as of today.


COVID-19, Corona virus, Maternal morbidity, Neonatal transmission, Pandemic

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