Published: 2021-02-24

Incidental diagnosis of granulosa cell tumour in a 25-year-old woman

P. G. Paul, Sanghamitra Thakur, Anjana Annal, George Paul, K. Anusha Chowdary


A 25-year-old woman presented with backache of 2 weeks duration and had 45-60 days menstrual cycle. On transvaginal sonography (TVS), her left adnexa showed a heterogenous solid mass of 5.3×4.2 cm and moderate vascularity on color doppler. Serum inhibin B was raised to 2249 pg/ml. MRI showed 5.5× 4.5 cm solid mass in the left ovary with lobulated margins suggestive of sex cord-stromal/ germ cell tumor. Laparoscopy showed an enlarged left ovary with intact surface. Left adnexectomy with staging biopsies and infracolic omentectomy was performed. Histopathology showed adult granulosa cell tumor with intact ovarian capsule. One-month post-surgery, inhibin B level was 44 pg/ml. She wishes to conceive after six months follow-up.



Granulosa cell tumour, Inhibin B, Laparoscopy

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