A rare case of severe pulmonary hypertension in pregnancy

Ramna Banerjee, Farheen Rahman


Heart diseases in pregnancy have always been a source of major concern for both the patients as well as the caregivers because of the high risk of maternal morbidity and mortality and the need for specialist care by a multidisciplinary team preferably in a tertiary care hospital. Amongst the whole gamut of heart diseases, pulmonary hypertension is associated with high maternal morbidity and mortality (in the order of 20% in some studies) and hence is considered a contraindication for pregnancy. We report a rare case of a lady at 36 weeks gestation in her second pregnancy, with a previous caesarean section, who was incidentally diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension (PAP-110 mmHg) during her antenatal check-up in the third trimester of pregnancy and survived without any major complications after being promptly referred to and treated in a multispecialty hospital. Her previous pregnancy was absolutely uneventful and even in this pregnancy she had very mild symptoms as compared to the severity of the disease found on further investigation.


Primary pulmonary hypertension, Echocardiography, Multidisciplinary

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