An interesting case of uterine tumour: a case report

Revathy Mahendran, Kanchana Madurai Padmanaban


Metastasis to uterus from extragenital site is very rare. Breast cancer is the most frequent primary tumour metastatizing to uterine corpus with incidence being 47%. We report a case of metastatic carcinomatous deposit in uterus in 56yr old postmenopausal woman who underwent modified radical mastectomy for carcinoma right breast 7yrs ago, and diagnosed to have infiltrating ductal carcinoma, now presented with history of white discharge per vaginum. Ultrasonogram revealed an endometrial polyp. Since the patient was on tamoxifen, suspecting a tamoxifen induced endometrial polyp hysterectomy was done. Histopathology revealed a benign endometrial polyp with extensive carcinomatous deposit in myometrium from breast carcinoma which was confirmed with immunohistochemistry. This case is being presented for its rarity of occurrence and to differentiate these tumours from primary epitheloid tumours of uterus.


Breast carcinoma, Epitheloid tumours, Metastasis to uterus

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