Intravenous iron sucrose in the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in antenatal patients

Mahima Jain, Sandeep Parmar


Background: Amongst medical disorders of pregnancy, iron deficiency anaemia is one of the commonest in developing countries like India. It is one of the major contributory cause of maternal mortality & morbidity. Amongst the treatment options available inj. Iron sucrose therapy appears to be safe and effective especially in government hospitals.

Methods: This study was carried out on 30 antenatal patients diagnosed to have iron deficiency anaemia in 2nd & early 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. After investigations and dose calculation, inj. Iron sucrose was administered as per pre decided protocol with proper monitoring. Patients were evaluated at end of 4 weeks.

Results: The data were compiled and statistically evaluated. Mean rise in Hb was 2.887 (95%CI, p <0.001) which were statistically significant. Minor, side effects were reported, which were treated symptomatically.

Conclusions: This study establishes the safety and efficacy of iron sucrose therapy in antenatal patients.


Iron deficiency, Intravenous iron sucrose, Antenatal patients

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