Published: 2020-06-25

A case of recto-vaginal obstetrical fistula treated by the Martius lamp, seen at Befelatanana Madagascar

Rainibarijaona Lanto, Rakotonirina Martial, Rakotozanany Besaina, Ratsiatosika Tanjona, Randriamahavonjy Romuald, Andrianampanalinarivo Rakotovao Hery


The rectovaginal fistulas are a pathological epithelialized communication between the vagina and the rectum, its frequency is 10 to 30%, and it is a disabling pathology because of the social repercussion. Many flap techniques have been described but the aim is to present a simple procedure according to a particular technique called Martius. This is a case of woman presenting a low rectovaginal fistula on obstetrical trauma. The surgical technique consists of a repair according to the technique of Martius. The operative follow-up was simple and the patient was able to resume sexual activity and normal anal sphincter function. It is a simple technique, easy to achieve for the technical platform in Madagascar whose evaluation of the results for a larger population should be considered. This technique therefore deserves to be known and widely used.


Martius flap, Obstetrical trauma, Perineal repair, Rectovaginal fistulas, Surgery

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