Published: 2016-12-15

Unscarred uterine rupture - rare entity

Divya Pandey, Neha Pruthi


Uterine rupture is a disastrous obstetric complication, with high rates of feto-maternal morbidity and mortality. The most frequent risk factor in present times is previous uterine surgery. We hereby report 3 cases of uterine rupture in unscarred uterus with varied presentation at different period of gestation so as to show the spectrum of clinical presentation of this entity. Quick recognition with prompt resort to laparotomy is crucial in influencing feto-maternal morbidity. All uterine ruptures don’t present with classical symptoms. Thus, clinicians should have high index of suspicion for uterine rupture in women presenting with some, or all, of these features, regardless of parity or history of previous uterine surgery or parity.


Unscarred, Rupture uterus, Spontaneous, Morbid adherent placenta

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