Published: 2016-12-15

A comparative study of feto-maternal outcome in instrumental vaginal delivery at tertiary health level hospital in Uttarakhand state

Priyanka Chaudhari, Neeta Bansal, Vineeta Gupta, Archna Tandon, Anjali Chaudhry


Background: Instrumental vaginal delivery is an age-long obstetric practice used to expedite vaginal delivery or avert recourse to caesarean delivery. Objective of the study is to compare maternal and neonatal outcomes of vacuum and forceps application in instrumental vaginal delivery.

Methods: This is a retrospective observational study. Retrospective study of 70 consecutive ventouse and 70 consecutive forceps deliveries was done. Maternal and neonatal morbidity were compared in terms of perineal laceration, episiotomy extension, postpartum hemorrhage, apgar score, neonatal injuries and NICU admissions.

Results: Maternal morbidity in terms of periurethral tear, second and third degree perineal tear were significantly more in forceps group (p=0.0332 and p=0.0173 respectively). However neonatal outcomes were found to be similar in both types of instrumental deliveries.

Conclusions: Ventouse should be preferred over forceps whenever there is an indication for instrumental delivery (except in fetal distress) as it is associated with less maternal trauma and most of the neonatal morbidities were insignificant in comparison with both instruments.


Instrumental delivery, Forceps, Vacuum extraction, Maternal morbidity, Perinatal outcomes

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