Acute pancreatitis in pregnancy: a case report

Menka Verma, Vinita Agarwal, Megha Sharma, Pramila Yadav


Acute pancreatitis is a rare event, can be associated with a high maternal mortality and fetal loss with an incidence of 3 in 10,000 pregnancies. A 24 years old primigravida with 28 weeks of gestation, presented with pain in upper abdomen since 4 days and nausea, vomiting and fever sine two days, abdomen distended and tenderness present in epigastric region. Serum amylase and lipase were raised. Sonography abdomen showed pancreas bulky with peripancreatic free fluid and inflammatory changes suggestive of pancreatitis. Patient was managed condervatively and was discharged to home after 7 days. Regular follow up was done till 36 weeks and emergency cesarean delivery was done in view of non-reassuring fetal heart rate at 36 weeks 3 days of gestation. Early diagnosis of acute pancreatitis in pregnancy and supportive treatment with maternal and fetal monitoring results in good perinatal outcome. The treatment of pancreatitis in pregnancy should be conservative as far as possible with delaying the definitive treatment until delivery of the baby.


Conservative management, Epigastric pain, Pancreatitis, Serum lipase

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