Published: 2017-05-25

Correlation of microelements like plasma copper and zinc concentrations with female infertility

Ritu Bawa, Smita Tyagi


Background: The aim of present study was to determine the role of trace elements copper and zinc and impairment of infertility.

Methods: The study was a randomized, comparative, clinical trial where study group included 74 patients with primary or secondary infertility and control group included 20 patients who were fertile females of reproductive age group having no gynaecological or systemic disease. Venous blood samples were taken and plasma copper and zinc concentrations were measured.

Results: In the normal fertile non-pregnant healthy female’s plasma copper ranged from 98.78 - 169.2 mcg% (mean 124.72 mcg%). In patients of unexplained infertility plasma copper was found to be low. It ranged from 63.0 - 145.14 mcg% (mean 95.5 mcg%) difference being statistically significant, (P<0.001). The difference in plasma zinc concentration in both group was not statically significant (P>0.05).

Conclusions: Our results show that copper deficiency might have a role to play in the etiogenesis of otherwise unexplained infertility. We can also conclude that zinc deficiency may not play a significant role in female infertility.


Copper, Infertility, Zinc

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