Published: 2017-05-25

Comparative study between intravaginal misoprostol and extra-amniotic instillation of ethacridine lactacte for second trimester abortion

Suryaprakash Jagdevappa Karande, Meena Shantanu Gunjotikar


Background: The methods of terminating pregnancy in the first trimester are simple, safe and effective. Factors like lack of knowledge about availability of MTP services, ignorance, denial of pregnancy, fear of society may account for decrease in number of first trimester abortions. The aims of the present study were to compare the efficacy, induction abortion interval and side effects of intravaginal misoprostol with extra amniotic installation of ethacridine lactate for second trimester abortion.

Methods: 60 women coming to MTP clinics requesting second trimester pregnancy termination between 12 to 20 weeks were selected. Detail history and examination was carried out in each patient. They divided into two groups, Group A (30) intravaginal misoprostol 400 initially followed by 400 micrograns every 6 hourly if required. Group B (30) extra-amniotic 0.1% ethacridine lactate 150 cc.

Results: In Group A success rate was 100% while in Group B it was 76.66%, which is highly statistically significant (P< 0.01). Mean I – A interval in Group A was 14.58+5.25 hours was highly significantly less than in Group B, it was 33.91 + 3.97 hours (p<0.0001). In Group A complete abortion has occurred in 28 cases (93.33%) and in Group B in 12 cases (52.17%).

Conclusions: We conclude that, as compared to extra-amniotic instillation of ethacridinelactate intravaginal misoprostol is the preferred regimen in second trimester abortion because of its high efficacy, shorter induction abortion interval, high incidence of completeness of abortion, low incidence of side effects and better tolerance by the patient.



Abortion, Induction abortion interval, Second trimester, Side effect

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