Virtual embryoscope for detection of structural abnormalities in first trimester pregnancy

Sumesh Choudhary, Vineet Mishra, Rohina Aggarwal


Background: To determine whether there is an additional value of virtual embryoscopy with 3Dimensional (3D) ultrasound above (2D) ultrasound regarding detection rates of structural abnormalities in first trimester pregnancy.

Methods: This was a prospective study consisting of 52 pregnant women with gestational age ranging from 6 to 12 weeks. 2D and 3D ultrasound scan was performed using GE voluson E8 transvaginal probe. All scans were evaluated by ten gynecologists trained in USG. The observations were noted and compared for anatomical details and detection of structural defects.

Results: It was found that images were seen well with 3D (virtual embryoscope). i.e. maximum count 19 in the table and there is statistically significant difference between 3D and 2D images with a p-value <0.01 at 95% confidence interval (CI).

Conclusions: Virtual embryoscope is an innovative tool for evaluation of developing embryo and early foetal morphology. The advantages are the ability to reconstruct 3D images with the stored scanned volume and examine without having to rescan the patient.


3Dimensional ultrasound, First trimester, Structural abnormalities, Virtual embryoscope

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