Ethibond suture in uterus: an unusual cause for secondary sterility


  • Rajendra kumar Diwakar Department of Radio-diagnosis, C.M.Medical College & Hospital, Kachandur, Durg (CG) 490024, India
  • Meena Naik Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, C.M. Medical College & Hospital, Kachandur, Durg (CG) 490024, India



Secondary sterility, Contraception, Ethibond suture, Foreign body in uterus, Cervical circlage suture in uterus


Failure to conceive two years after the LSCS, the patient was being investigated. Hysteroscopy revealed the presence of Ethibond suture in the uterine cavity attached to the lower part of the previous LSCS scar. The presence of this foreign body was acting as an intra-uterine contraceptive device responsible for failure of contraception. The presence of foreign body in the uterus such as bone pieces left after previous abortion, presence of suture of cervical circlage etc. have been reported. But the presence of Ethibond suture in the uterine cavity resulting in secondary sterility is being reported for the first time.


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