Exaggerated placental site reaction: case report of a rare benign trophoblastic lesion

Archana Shetty, Aparna Narasimha, Jyalakshmi V. J.


Exaggerated placental site is a rare benign non-neoplastic trophoblastic lesion in which the intermediate trophoblastic cells extensively infiltrate into the endometrium and the underlying myometrium. The importance of this lesion lies in that the cells of this lesion display an identical morphological and immunophenotypic profile to the intermediate trophoblastic cells found placental site trophoblastic tumour, which are closely related neoplastic lesions Also differentials for this lesion are placental site nodule, choriocarcinoma and epithelioid trophoblastic tumour all of which have varied lines of treatment and interventions. We present a rare case of an exaggerated placental site reaction in a lady, who was in her first trimester of pregnancy and presented with signs of a septic abortion.


Exaggerated placental site, intermediate trophoblast, Myometrium, Placental site nodule, Ki- 67

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