Bartholin’s gland cyst presenting as anterior vaginal wall cyst: an unusual presentation

Supriya Dankher, Vijay Zutshi, Sumitra Bachani, Renu Arora


The Bartholin’s cyst can occur due to duct obstruction as a result of non-infectious occlusion of the ostium or from infection and edema compressing the duct. In this paper we are reporting a patient who presented to our hospital with something coming out through vagina. Her gynecological examination revealed, a 5*5 cm cystic, mobile, nontender mass arising completely from anterior vaginal wall with normal overlying vaginal mucosa. Intraoperatively, this cyst got ruptured, draining thick chocolate coloured material. Cyst wall was excised completely and sent for histopathology. To our surprise, histopathology reported this as Bartholin duct cyst. Literature search does not report any such case of Bartholin gland cyst.


Bartholin’s gland, Endometriosis, Mullerian cyst

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