Impact of Janani Suraksha Yojana on institutional delivery rate, incidence of rupture uterus and feto-maternal outcome related to uterine rupture

Ruma S. Anand, Reeta Singh, Reena Srivastava


Background: To study the impact of janani suraksha yojana (JSY) on institutional delivery rate, incidence of rupture uterus in pregnant women, maternal and fetal mortality rate related to rupture uterus.

Methods: 33 cases of rupture uterus which occurred before -implementation of JSY in our hospital in one year duration i.e Jan 2007-Dec 2007 (group 1) were studied and compared with 41 cases which occurred after implentation of JSY in one year i.e. July 2014-Jun 2015 (group 2). This is a retrospective observational study. Information were collected regarding number of institutional deliveries, incidence of rupture uterus ,previous history of unscarred and scarred uterus, maternal and fetal mortality rate related to uterine rupture.

Results: there was 125% proportional increase in the institutional deliveries, significant decrease in the incidence of rupture uterus (Z=2.5963, P<0.05) and maternal mortatility (Chisquare at 1 df=4.326, P<0.05) after implementation of JSY.

Conclusions: JSY is working excellently and need to be extended until we achieve the goal of 100% institutional deliveries and 0 % maternal mortality rate related to rupture uterus.


Rupture uterus, JSY, Institutional deliveries, Maternal mortality, Unscarred uterus, Scarred uterus, Fetal mortality

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