A study of benign adnexal masses

Jayasree Manivasakan, Bupathy Arounassalame


Background: To study the relationship between age, symptoms, ultrasound findings, size and histological type of benign adnexal masses.

Methods: Clinical records were retrieved of women who had surgical management for adnexal tumors in the study period, i.e. from January 2007 to December 2010 at Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital, Puducherry.

Results: There were 112 cases of ovarian tumors and tumor like lesions. 70.5% were diagnosed as ovarian tumors, 12.5% were functional cysts, 10.7% were paraovarian and paratubal cysts, 6.25% were hemorrhagic infarct where histopathology could not be reported. The age of the patient ranged from 11 to 70 years. Most of the patients (70.5%) presented with abdominal pain either acute or chronic. Serous cystadenoma was the most common reported ovarian tumor (59.5%) followed by mucinous cystadenoma (20%) and mature cystic teratoma (14%). The cystic tumors were either functional cysts or benign tumors.

Conclusions: The commonest tumor was surface epithelial tumor. Serous cystadenoma was the most common benign tumor. Serous and mucinous tumors occurred equally on both sides. The accuracy of preoperative ultrasound was higher in dermoid cysts followed by endometriotic cysts.


Adnexal mass, Ovarian mass, Histopathology

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