Successful pregnancy outcome in a case of Swyer Syndrome with hypertension and morbid obesity

Aradhana Kalra, Purnima K. Nadkarni, Pooja P. Singh, Aditi A. Nadkarni


To report a case of Swyer syndrome with hypertension and morbid obesity with successful pregnancy and live birth after assisted reproductive technology. 27 year old morbidly obese female with essential hypertension who had been on HRT for 10 years with well-developed secondary sexual characters with primary infertility. After adequate development of the uterus and the endometrial preparation, Patients with Swyer syndrome conceive with oocyte donation and ICSI. Caesarean section rate is high due to multiple pregnancies and other obstetric complications. Early detection of these cases would help in timely development of their secondary sexual characters and restoration of menses and gonadectomy for prevention of malignancy as its propensity is high. Multidisciplinary approach is required including counseling and management of long term health problems. Pregnancy is feasible but caesarean rate is high.


Gonadal dysgenesis, Multidisciplinary care, Gonadectomy, Oocyte donation

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