Role of ultrasonography in third trimester pregnancy for early diagnosis of embryonic demise

Asha Susawat, Rizwana Shaheen, Komal Inani, Vikas Meena


Background: The objective of antenatal care is to assure that every wanted pregnancy culminates in the delivery of healthy baby without impairing the health of the mother. The first trimester of intrauterine life is the most crucial period which needs careful eyes on the growing fetus inside. The aim and objective of this study was visualization & localization of the gestational sac and early identification of embryonic demise and other forms of nonviable gestation.

Methods: A prospective study of 500 randomly selected patients with first trimester pregnancy at Dr. S. N. Medical College and attached group of hospitals, Jodhpur during May 2013 – November 2014. Ultrasound examination of these patients was performed to screen for fetal abnormalities & uterine anomalies and identify those embryos that are still alive but at increased risk for embryonic and fetal demise.

Results: Out of 500 cases studied, 196 (39.2%) pregnancies were normal. 304 cases had abnormal Ultrasonography findings. Out of these 304 cases, 87 had missed abortion, 70 had incomplete abortion and 53 cases had threatened abortion.

Conclusions: Ultrasonography has an important role in screening of early pregnancies for early diagnosis of fetal demise, fetal abnormalities and uterine anomalies With recent advances in technology, first trimester sonography can now detect, or at least suggest, many structural abnormalities.


First trimester, Pregnancy, USG

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