Published: 2022-08-29

A prospective observational study of polycystic ovarian syndrome among adolescent and young girls at tertiary care hospital

Mangala Sonak, Pratima Devram Rathod, Ujjwala Samir Patankar


Background: Adolescent polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) has emerged as a serious problem that needs to be addressed with timely diagnosis, intervention, and appropriate treatment. Recently few studies have been conducted on adolescent PCOS in India. Hence the present study was undertaken to assess the prevalence and various clinical, biochemical, hormonal and ultrasonographic characteristics of adolescent and young adults with PCOS.

Methods: A total 86 adolescent girls and young women diagnosed clinically and ultrasonographically with PCOS enrolled in study. Clinical features, associated diseases, family history, hormone levels and USG results analysed.

Results: The prevalence of PCOS among adolescent and young girls was found to be 7.21%. The mean age at menarche was 13.7 years in early adolescents’ girls, 13.9 years in late adolescent girls, and 14 years in young adult females. Dysmenorrhea (37.21%) was the most common presenting illness followed by amenorrhea (30.23%). The 45.35% of subjects had abnormal hair growth patterns, 48.84% hirsutism, 34.88% acanthosis nigricans, 66.28% acne and only 23.26% had androgenic alopecia. On USG, most of the patients (60.47%) had both increased ovarian volume and polycystic ovarian morphology. The comparison of mean fasting insulin, FSH and LH level, prolactin and testosterone level in early adolescent girls, late adolescent girls, and young adult females was statistically significant, (p<0.05). Most of the patients had features of hyperandrogenism and waist to hip ratio >0.87 (60.47%), although they were not overweight with normal body mass index (BMI).

Conclusions: Thus, early diagnosis is important for early lifestyle modifications i.e., weight reduction and dietary modifications and psychological counselling plays an important role to prevent long-term complications.


Adolescent, PCOS, Ultrasonography, Dysmenorrhea, Hirsutism, Testosterone

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