Sigmoid volvulus complicating pregnancy: a case report

Megha Panwar, Rajkumar ., Nidhi Ahuja, Anubhav Sangwan, Jainendra Arora


Sigmoid volvulus in pregnancy is a rare, but devastating pathology owing to its adverse effects on the mother as well as the foetus. It can lead to maternal mortality in 5-50% cases and foetal mortality in up to 30% cases. A high index of suspicion is necessary and timely surgical intervention is the key to improving feto-maternal outcomes. We present a case of a 32-year-old pregnant woman who presented with sigmoid volvulus at 28 weeks of gestation. The patient was taken up for an emergency laparotomy, where the sigmoid colon was found to be extremely dilated and twisted. Bowel resection and primary anastomosis was done. An anastamotic leak occurred postoperatively, due to which re-exploration and colostomy was done. The patient had a spontaneous abortion after the surgery. She was discharged after five days with a functional stoma and elective colostomy closure was done after six weeks.


Sigmoid volvulus, Pregnancy, Complication, Stoma Delhi

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