Successful removal of 34 fibroids in uterus-preserving myomectomy: a case report

Rakesh Hasabe, Neha S. Tripathi, Kanchan D. Bhoyar


When uterine preservation is of the essence, myomectomy is the preferred standard of surgical care for removal of myomas, the commonest tumors of the female genital tract. This case report describes the evaluation and treatment of a 42-year-old female with a multi-fibroid uterus, who desired uterine preservation in order to conceive. Diagnostic hystero-laparoscopy with myomectomy resulted in the removal of 34 leiomyomas of varying sizes from different locations within the uterus. Our case study is of particular importance as it emphasizes that effective removal of even a large number of multiple fibroids is attainable in rural, low-resource settings by strict adherence to the established myomectomy protocol and the achievement of as bloodless an operative field as possible using various available techniques.


Myoma, Myomectomy, Hystero-laparoscopy, Fibroid

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