Caesarean scar-unusual site of ectopic pregnancy: a rare case report

Amruta Kharode, Kamlesh Chaudhari, Saunitra Inamdar


Scar ectopic pregnancy is the rarest type of ectopic pregnancy; however, it is becoming more common around the world. It is a life-threatening condition caused by abnormal embryo implantation in the myometrium and fibrous tissue of the prior scar after a caesarean section, hysterotomy, myomectomy, or metroplasty. With a better understanding of the disease and an increased rate of caesarean section, there is a significant increase in this condition. Early and correct diagnosis, combined with prompt treatment, can help to avoid pregnancy problems including haemorrhage and uterine rupture, as well as preserve fertility.


Scar ectopic pregnancy, Abnormal implantation, Previous scar, Haemorrhage, Uterine rupture

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